Linda Koop Voted to Obstruct Funding of Teacher Retirement

Texas state government must be forced to spend taxpayer money responsibly.

Empty Purse

Senate Bill 19, 2017 Session

The purpose of this bill was to help fund the teacher retirement fund.  The money source was the state’s savings account.  

Conservatives argued that funding teachers was a priority.  They wanted it paid from the state's budget.

Linda Koop and the Straus coalition wanted to use the shortfall in the Teacher Retirement Fund as an excuse to raid the Economic Stabilization Fund (or ESF, also called the Rainy Day Fund).  They wanted access to those billions in taxpayer dollars.  They manipulated House rules in an attempt to do this.

The attempt by Koop and Straus failed, but it proved how little they value the welfare of Texas teachers.

The video of the House vote is at this link -