Linda Koop Voted to Confiscate Union Dues From Employees Without Their Approval

The money you earn is yours.  It does not belong to the government or the union.


Senate Bill 16, Amendment 20, 2017 Session


For years, the Texas Republican Party has worked to stop the taxpayer funded collection of union dues.  This practice bullies employees into joining public employee unions, and the money is then used to elect candidates that the employee may not support.

In the 2017 session, Bill Zedler proposed an amendment to SB 16 which would end the payroll deduction of union dues and substitute a voluntary system.  The amendment was mirrored after similar bills successfully passed in Wisconsin and Illinois.  It was killed by Linda Koop and her partners in the Straus coalition.

After the bill had been killed, Bill Zedler asked to study the effects of such a policy with the school finance commission.  His efforts were again stopped by Koop and Straus.

Here is the video of House actions on this issue -