Linda Koop Voted to Maintain Sanctuary Cities in Texas

Legal immigration works best when illegal immigration is halted.

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Senate Bill 4 Amendment 9 (RV # 415), 2017 Session

SB 4, also known as the Sanctuary Cities Bill, passed in the Senate in the 2017 session.  In the House, it was watered down.

The Senate Version defined a 'sanctuary city' as any city whose policy prohibited the enforcement of immigration laws.   The House version defined a 'sanctuary city' only as a city which didn’t honor detainee requests from ICE.  This did nothing to address lawlessness.

Matt Schaefer and Matt Rinaldi proposed a House amendment which redefined a sanctuary city to a municipality that refuses to enforce immigration law.   Linda Koop, together with every House Democrat, voted against this amendment.

Linda Koop voted to protect and promote sanctuary city policies in Dallas, Houston, and other Texas cities.  Koop was unable to stop SB 4, and Governor Abbott signed the bill into law.

Full documentation of Linda Koop's vote can be viewed by video at