Why Has Linda Koop Undermined the Republican Agenda So Many Times?

She Has Voted Against the Governor & Lieutenant Governor on the Major Issues!

Linda Koop Has Consistently Supported Big Money Lobbyists Over the People of Her District

How else do you raise almost $500,000 to run for state representative?

Linda Koop joined the Democrats to prevent property tax relief for Texans on several occasions.

Linda Koop joined the Democrats to prevent school choice for kids with special needs and circumstances.

Linda Koop voted with every House Democrat to protect and promote sanctuary city policies in Texas.

Linda Koop opposed the Republican majority, voting with every Democrat to prevent spending limits.

Linda Koop voted for mandatory rather than voluntary payment of union dues.

Linda Koop and the Democrats tried to block pension funding as an excuse to raid the Rainy Day Fund.

Linda Koop's Failed Voting Record

Linda likes to say she's a conservative legislator.  Her voting record says the opposite.  Here are evaluations of her record from a variety of organizations.

Empower Texans is the foremost financial watchdog for Texas state government.

Texas Values Action is one of the foremost family values watchdogs for Texas state government.

Rice University Professor Mark Jones, in conjunction with the Texas Tribune, evaluates representatives after each legislative session.

The Texas Eagle Forum has been an important guardian of conservative and family values since 1972.

These links will give you more information about each ranking.

Texas Values Action

Empower Texans

Rice University Study

Texas Eagle Forum

Ideal Score for Each Graph Is 100

Empower Texans Fiscal Index
Final Grade = F
Texas Values Action
Final Grade = F
Rice University Ranking of Conservative Legislators (from Professor Mark Jones)
75th out of 95 House Republicans
Texas Eagle Forum 2017 Scorecard
Tied for 77th out of 95 House Republicans (only 6 Republicans rated lower)

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